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Customer Cloud Keys

Go to Customer Settings > Cloud Keys to view, add, edit and delete cloud keys for your customers.


Cloud keys allow a user to view blocked content. A user can do this by entering a pre-generated cloud key when presented with a block page. After entering a valid cloud key on their block page, the user is given access to websites that would otherwise be blocked by their policy. 

Once you create a cloud key, it is available to a customer in their WebTitan Cloud UI under Settings > Cloud Keys. To use a cloud key, a customer can copy the value under the Key column and send it to a user to enter on a block page.

Cloud keys can be issued for a specific time period and/or a specific number of uses. Keys expire when:

  • The number of uses exceeds the specified in the Times Used column (see below)

  • The Valid To date has passed (even if the key has not been used).




The customer this cloud key is for. Start to type a customer's account name and this field will auto-populate.

Log Name:

The name this cloud key will log in History when the key is used.

Key ID:

A unique string for this cloud key. You can use the randomly generated Key ID, or enter your own.

Expires After:

The length of time a cloud key remains active after being first entered during this session. This parameter only affects the current session, it will not invalidate the cloud key.

Times Used:

Shows how many times this Key has been used. Allows you to reset Key to zero.

Valid From:

The date from which the cloud key will take effect.

Valid Until (Valid To:):

The date the cloud key will expire. If a date is not specified here, the key will remain valid indefinitely.


A description of the cloud key if entered.

Key Active:

If checked the key is active and can be used. If not checked the key is inactive and will be rejected when used.

For steps to add or edit a customer cloud key, see Adding or Editing a Customer Cloud Key. See below for steps to delete or reset a customer cloud key.

Deleting a Cloud Key

  • To delete a single cloud key, click the delete ST-701-delete-button.jpg icon in the Options column. 

  • Check the ST-701-check-box.jpg box beside multiple cloud keys and click Delete to delete multiple keys at once.

Resetting a Cloud Key

  • To reset a single cloud key, click the ST-701-check-box.jpg box to the left of the Log Name and click Reset.

  • Check the ST-701-check-box.jpg box beside multiple cloud keys and click Reset to reset multiple keys at once.