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Enabling ARC Signing

Go to System Setup > Mail Authentication > ARC Signing and follow the steps below to enable ARC signing. If your DNS service is provided by a domain name registrar, contact that registrar to update your DNS records.

  1. Click the select ST-701-test-button.jpg icon in the Options column to the right of the ARC key you want to use.

  2. The DNS TXT record displays as shown:

  3. Copy the DNS TXT record to a text editor and remove all spaces, carriage returns, and double-quotes. Select and highlight the following only and add this record to your domain's DNS records:

  4. SpamTitan attempts to detect the presence of these records and verify that they are correct. Click Save to force a check. ARC Signing will be displayed as either:

    • Verification pending: verification has yet to be performed against this domain (e.g. ARC signing disabled).

    • Verified.

Only Enable ARC signing for a domain once the DNS TXT record has been published and verified to be correct. Once this is done, then the ARC header will be added to inbound messages.