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Outbound Mail

Follow these steps to configure SpamTitan to filter your outbound email.

  1. Add your mail server to SpamTitan's trusted network list.

    • Go to System Setup > Mail Relay > Outbound > Trusted Networks.

    • Click Add... and the Add Trusted IP/Network window displays.

    • Enter the IP and other details for your mail server.

    • Click Save to save your entry as a trusted network.

    See Outbound Mail Delivery Settings and scroll to Trusted Networks.

  2. If you are relaying outbound mail through a different server, you need to configure that server to use SpamTitan as its smart host. This action configures your mail server to send all outbound mail to SpamTitan.


    This step is only necessary if you are relaying outbound mail through a different server.

    See Outbound Mail Delivery Settings and scroll to Enable Smarthost.

  3. Adjust the settings in your SpamTitan outbound mail policy.

    Go to Anti-Spam Engine > Domain Policies and click the edit ST-701-edit-button.jpg icon beside Outbound Mail. Edit the policy to:

    • Set the "Consider mail spam when score is greater than:" to 8.

    • Set the "Spam should be:" action to Quarantined.

    See Editing a Domain Policy.

  4. If you use Office 365, create a smart host outbound connector between your Office 365 and SpamTitan.

    See Creating an Office 365 Outbound Connector.

Once the steps above are complete, your mail server is configured to send all email addressed to an external email address to SpamTitan, where it is scanned before delivery to the destination address, or quarantined.

Recommended Additional Setup Outbound Filtering

The following steps are recommended to optimize your outbound mail filtering setup and reduce resolution time in the event your mail server is blacklisted.

  1. SpamTitan performs tests on the IP of any server it receives email from, so your internal mail server IP may trigger tests. This can happen for many reasons, such as your mail server not having DNS records, or being listed on an RBL (many RBL servers list private IP ranges by default. For example, 192.168.*, 172.16.* or 10.*).

    To prevent SpamTitan from performing tests on your mail server, add the IP to Anti-Spam Engine > Settings > Internal Networks. Email sent by the server is not tested, only the actual server is exempt.

    See Internal Networks.

  2. Sign up to Microsoft's Smart Network Data Services (SNDS) by registering your SpamTitan server IP(s) at external_link.png

    Once registered, your mail server will send all emails addressed to an external email address to SpamTitan, where they can be scanned and delivered, or quarantined. The service allows you to see the volume of mail sent to Microsoft free email services, and also see any emails that have been reported as spam.

    • Once registered, consider signing up for the Junk Mail Reporting Program. This allows Microsoft to send a copy of any email marked as spam, so you can react quickly and prevent your IPs from being blocked.

    • A free Microsoft account is required to register for SNDS. IP ownership is verified based on an email sent to an address obtained from the WHOIS record, or based on the PTR record domain.

    • Deliverability to all free mail services can be improved further by implementing SPF, DKIM and DMARC for your email domains.

    • In event of an issue with a Microsoft listing, you can send a delist request along with proof of ownership of your IPs (provided after signup).