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Backing Up your SpamTitan Gateway Configuration

Backups allow you to create a backup file of the configuration of your SpamTitan appliance that can be saved locally and restored on demand. Saved settings include network settings, domain configurations, user preferences and email allow and block lists. Quarantine user and policy details are also backed up as part of this process, but quarantine messages are not.

Go to Settings > Backup to manage backup settings.


To export your current SpamTitan Gateway configuration settings to a backup file:

  1. Go to Settings > Backup > Backup Configuration.

  2. Click Save.

  3. If the backup is successfully created the backup file downloads as a compressed .TAR file.

To import a previously exported SpamTitan Gateway backup file:

  1. Click Import to the left of Select backup file to import:.

  2. Select a backup file that you previously exported from SpamTitan Gateway and click Open.

  3. Click Import to complete the import.


You can only restore backups that are at the same patch level as the currently installed system revision.