What is Recipient Verification?

Recipient verification allows SpamTitan Cloud servers to verify if a recipient email address exists before sending them an email. If a user does not exist, it will block the email before reaching the mail server (default: recipient verification is disabled).

Recipient verification helps improve the spam block rate by using resources more efficiently and will also help keep your daily license usage count accurate. 

Dynamic Recipient Verification (DRV) is the easiest form of Recipient Verification to use and manage and is recommended to enable this as part of your SpamTitan Cloud setup. To enable recipient verification:

  1. For Dynamic Recipient Verification to work, your mail server must initially be configured to reject invalid addresses. Click here for information on how to do this for the most common email servers.

  2. Once recipient verification has been enabled on your mail server, log into SpamTitan Cloud and go to Settings > Relay Settings.

  3. Edit your domain to select Dynamic Verification (see Mail Relay Settings for further information).