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Geoblocking restricts email based on a sender's geographic location, which is identified by the sending server's IP address.

In SpamTitan, geoblocking is based on rules and exemptions. You create a geoblocking rule to restrict email from a geographic location (country) and then exemptions can be added to exclude mail from the geoblocking rules. Email can be excluded based on:

  • IP (the IPv4 address that an email originates from).

  • Domain (the domain an email originates from).

  • Email (the email address that the email is sent from).

A SpamTitan administrator can enable or disable geoblocking at a global level (default: disabled). Once enabled, geoblocking can be managed at the admin, domain group, domain and user levels. Each level can apply its own geoblocking rules, with rules being inherited from a higher level by default. If applied, a lower level rule supersedes a higher level rule.

Example: If Country_Example is blocked at the admin level, all domain groups inherit this rule and block email from Country_Example. However, if Domain Group A wants to allow email from Country_Example, the Domain Group A admin can create a rule that will supersede the admin level rule.

SpamTitan uses the ISO 3166 Alpha-2 standard of two digit country codes for geoblocking. See (reference data in the Alpha-2 column).

Go to Filter Rules > Geoblocking to enable and manage geoblocking.