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Updating your WebTitan Cloud Software

Go to Updates > System to see what version of WebTitan Cloud you are currently running and to check for the latest software updates. The Installed Updates: table displays previously installed system updates and the date of installation. Click the view ST-701-view-button.jpg icon in the Options column to the right of an update to view the related release notes.

The version of WebTitan Cloud that you are currently running is displayed opposite Current system revision, in this example version 4.13:


Check for Updates Manually

Click Start opposite Check for updates now to instantly check for available system updates. A status window displays to inform you if updates are available or not.

Check for Updates Automatically

Follow these steps to automatically import updates to the Available Updates table.

  1. Click Enable to turn Prefetch System Updates Automatically: to ON.

  2. From the Frequency: menu, select the frequency to check for updates. The options are Every hour, Every day (default) or Every week.

  3. To receive an email notification when a new system update has been imported, enter an email address in the Notification email address: field.


    For email notification to work, specify the email server for email notifications in System Setup > Network > Email Settings.

  4. Click Save.

Installing Updates

The Available Updates: table displays updates that have been manually or automatically downloaded, but have not yet been applied. Updates must be applied in order. To install an update, click on the run WTC-run-icon.jpg icon.

When you install an update, the system automatically installs any packages with lower version numbers first (if necessary).


FTP is used to retrieve update packages. If your WebTitan Cloud is behind a firewall, ensure FTP access is available. Allow up to thirty minutes when installing updates, during which time the proxy will be unavailable.