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Global Virus Filtering Settings

Go to Content Filtering > Viruses > Virus Filtering to enable virus filtering (default: enabled) and specify virus notification settings. When virus filtering is enabled, all email is screened for unwanted content such as viruses and trojan horses. See the table below for a description of the global filtering options.

SpamTitan Gateway contains two integrated virus scanning engines, Clam AV and Bitdefender (default: both enabled). See Configuring Clam AV Settings and Configuring Bitdefender Settings for information on each.


Email Headers

If a message is identified as containing a virus, the following header is added to the email:

  • X-Amavis-Alert: This header indicates that the message is infected and lists the name of the virus. If you select the viruses are Passed (tagged) in your Anti-Spam Engine policy settings, this header can be used to filter out spam on end-user machines.



Virus Filtering:

Click Enable to enable virus filtering or Disable to disable virus filtering.

Notify Intended Recipient:

Enable to notify a specified recipient of a virus.

Email Notification Sender Address:

The email address of the intended recipient.

Notify Administrator:

Enable to notify an Administrator of a virus.

Email Notification Sender Address:

Displayed sender email address.

Administrator Email Address:

Specify an Administrator email address here.

Stop scanning if virus detected:

If both Clam AV and Bitdefender are in use, enabling this setting causes SpamTitan to not wait for the slower engine to finish if a virus is detected (default: disabled).