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Email Settings

Notifications from WebTitan Cloud are sent from a specified email server using a specified sender email address.

Go to System Setup > Network > Email Settings to specify the SMTP email server used to send email notifications, their frequency and the sender email address.


Specify the email address to which notifications are sent for each policy in the Policies tab.



Email Server:

Email server to which notifications from WebTitan Cloud are sent. WebTitan Cloud sends email notifications when users attempt to access blocked URLs or when system updates are ready for installation.

Notification Period:

The frequency at which notifications are sent to the specified email address. Select from Every 15 minutes, Every 30 minutes, Every hour, or Every 2 hours. Default is Every 15 minutes.

Sender Email Address:

Enter the sender email address you would like to display, e.g.

Click Save to save any changes to Email Settings.