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Blocked Domains

If you allow access to a category, e.g. Art, all websites within that category will be allowed. However, you can block access to a website that is included in an allowed category by adding it to your Blocked Domains. To edit Blocked Domains:

  1. Click the Policies tab.

  2. Click Add to add a new policy or click the edit ST-701-edit-button.jpg icon to Edit an existing policy.

  3. Click the Blocked Domains tab.

  4. Follow the steps below to add, delete, import and export blocked domains.

Add a Blocked Domain
  1. Click Add... and the Block Domain window displays:

  2. Enter your information in the Block Domain window:

    • Website domain: The domain or partial domain of the website you want to block. Use one of the following formats:




    • Include subdomains: If you block then all domains that end in will also be blocked, e.g. and

    • Log requests: Deselect to prevent requests from going to the logger for reporting.

    • Comment: Description of your block domain entry if required.

  3. Click Save.

Delete a Blocked Domain
  • To delete a single block list entry, click the delete ST-701-delete-button.jpg icon to the right of the entry or check the ST-701-check-box.jpg box to the left of the entry and click Delete.


    Check the ST-701-check-box.jpg box beside multiple domains to delete several entries at once.

Import Blocked Domains
  1. Click Import and choose a text file to import. The file should contain one domain per line, e.g.:

  2. A message will display when the domains have been successfully imported.

Export Blocked Domains
  • Click Export to export your blocked domains as a text file.