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Updating Web Categories

Go to Updates > Category Definitions to view information about the category definitions currently loaded in your system.




Current revision:

Current revision number of the category definitions list.

Last Update:

Date and time when the category definitions list was last updated from the central web categories database.

Check for updates now:

Click Start to connect to the central categories database and check for updates to the category definitions list.

Prefetch Updates Automatically:

Click Enable to turn ON automatic downloading of updates from the central categories database (default: enabled). When enabled, the Frequency drop down list displays.

Click Disable to turn OFF automatic updates.


This field is visible if Prefetch Updates Automatically: is enabled. Select the frequency at which updates to the category definitions list are downloaded from the drop down menu - Every hour, Every day or Evey week (default: Every day).

Updates are downloaded at 1 minute past the hour for hourly updates, at 3:01 AM for daily updates, and at 3:01 AM every Saturday for weekly updates.