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Apply Automatic Enrollment to an Active Training Campaign

If you want to edit an active Training Campaign so that new users are automatically enrolled, follow these instructions:


Users can only be automatically added to a training campaign when the campaign is in an Active state. If the campaign has already been completed, you'll need to add them manually. see Adding Users to a Training Campaign for help with this.

  1. In your SafeTitan portal, go to Training Manager > Training Campaigns, and find the active campaign that you want to add users to.

  2. Select the dropdown arrow beside the Details button, and select Results.

  3. Select Add Group, as only users added to Groups and Departments can be automatically enrolled.

  4. Make your selection from the dropdown menu, and select Add Group.

  5. Go to your training campaigns list, and select Details beside the campaign you have just edited.

  6. In the Automatic Enrollment field, select Change > OK so that it is set to Yes.