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Prerequisites for OTG for Chromebooks Installation

Below are the prerequisites that must be met or considered before installing WebTitan OTG for Chromebooks. Please read through this information carefully before installation.


  • To install OTG for Chromebooks, you must first contact TitanHQ Support and provide your Google Admin Customer ID. This allows us to make the WebTitan Chromebook OTG app available in your Google Workspace. See Locating your Google Admin Customer ID.

  • If you deployed OTG for Chromebooks before June 2023 and now wish to deploy to additional devices, please read What You Need to Know Before Installing OTG for Chromebooks.

  • You need a Google Workspace account with administrative access.

  • The most recent version of WebTitan OTG for Chromebook is supported and tested as follows:

    Supported Chromebooks

    Latest Tested Version

    OTG Chromebook Supported Models

    Version (Official Build) (64 bit)

  • Any Chromebook(s) you are deploying to must be:

  • If it does not already exist, create the Organizational Unit (OU), or units, that WebTitan OTG for Chromebooks is being deployed to in Google Workspace. For more information on how the organizational structure work in Google Workspace see external_link.png

  • Download the WebTitan Cloud .pem TLS root certificate. See Importing a WebTitan TLS Root Certificate in Google Workspace.

  • You must be using WebTitan Cloud 4.16 or later to use WebTitan OTG for Chromebooks.

  • You need to know the URL of your WebTitan Cloud, e.g.

  • You need your OTG install key during installation. You can get this in your WebTitan Cloud from Settings > Account > OTG Install Key.

  • WebTitan OTG uses TCP port 8443. Please ensure this port is not blocked.