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Roles and Permissions

There are four different roles in SpamTitan Gateway:

  • Administrator

  • Domain Group Administrator

  • Domain Administrator

  • User

Go to Anti-Spam Engine > Roles and Permissions to view the default role for each user type. Click each tab to see the corresponding default role. Click the view ST-701-view-button.jpg icon in the Options column to view a default role. Default roles can only be viewed, they can not be edited or deleted.


Follow the steps below to add a new custom role or edit an existing custom role. Custom roles can be useful to give specific access, e.g. only giving a Domain Administrator access to the reporting tab.

  1. Go to Anti-Spam Engine > Roles and Permissions.

  2. To edit an existing role, click the edit ST-701-edit-button.jpg icon in the Options column to the right of the role you want to modify.

    To add a new role, click the Add... button.

  3. In the Add Custom ... Roles and Permissions window, add or edit the following:

    • Role name: edit the role name or assign a new role name for this custom role.

    • Active Permissions: Click the Allowed or Denied button beside a section to grant or block members of this role from accessing that section (each section corresponds to a tab in SpamTitan Gateway). Click the plus button ST-701-plus-button.jpg beside a section name to see the subsections within it. Each role must be allowed to access at least one page.

  4. Click Save to save your changes.

To delete a role, click the delete icon ST-701-delete-button.jpg in the Options column to the right of the role you want to delete. It is not possible to delete a role that has one or more users assigned to it.