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On the Monitoring page, you can view System activity in the categories listed below.


Note that there are three actions available to you on this page to help you with viewing activity:

  • Refresh: The content on the page is automatically refreshed approximately every 30 minutes, but you can select Refresh to update it immediately.

  • Let Recent Mail Become Searchable: If you select this, then the Search Cache is refreshed, so that users can search mail processed within the last 30 minutes.

  • Show/Hide Read Only Nodes: When you select this, you can either show or hide the Read Only and Blank Storage nodes in the System Status grid. You can press the Up/Down arrows above each section to show or hide that section.

  • Processing Status

  • Components

  • Storage Node Status

  • Repository Status

  • Partition Status

  • Module Activity

  • List of currently logged in Users