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Using Policies, Categories and Domains


A category is a list of websites that are grouped together based on their dominant content, e.g. Education, Alcohol, Finance, etc.

Go to Policies > Categories to view the categories that are currently defined by the system, create custom categories and perform other related tasks. See Working with Categories.


Policies determine what categories of website a customer has access to. Each customer is assigned a default policy when their account is created. Customers Admins can edit their default policy and also create custom policies within their own WebTitan Cloud customer interface.

Policies can be applied to users, groups and locations.


To create a custom customer policy within the Service Provider interface, impersonate the customer and then add the policy. See Impersonating a Customer and refer to the WebTitan Cloud Customer Admin Guide for more information on using the customer admin interface to add a policy.

Go to Policies > Default Policy to view and edit your default policy. See Editing your Customer's Default Policy.

Go to Policies > Customer Policies to view and edit custom policies created by your customers. See Editing a Customer's Custom Policy.


To allow access to a domain that is part of a blocked category in a policy, it must be allowed. See Allowed Domains.

To deny access to a domain that is part of an allowed category in a policy, it must be blocked. See Blocked Domains.