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Upgrading OTG 2 for Windows

Follow the steps below to upgrade a device from one version of OTG 2 for Windows to a newer version of OTG 2 for Windows. Currently, this upgrade is done by sending a new configuration to your OTG 2 device(s).

If you are upgrading using Intune you can install a newer version of OTG 2 over an existing version of OTG 2 by adding the PREFER_MASTER_CONFIG=true parameter to your install script. See Deploying OTG 2 using Intune.


The steps below are for upgrading from one version of OTG 2 to another version of OTG 2. If you want to move from OTG 1 to OTG 2 see Moving from WebTitan OTG 1 to OTG 2.

To see what version of OTG 2 for Windows is installed on a device, right mouse click on the OTG icon webtitan-logo-small.jpg in the Windows taskbar and click About.

It is recommended that you keep all your installations of OTG 2 on the same version.

  1. Click here to download the latest WebTitan OTG 2 for Windows install file (setup.msi). The current version of OTG 2 for Windows is 2.1.4 .

  2. Save the install file (setup.msi) to a location accessible by the OTG agent via HTTPS.

  3. In WebTitan Cloud, add the configuration below edited with your own parameters to your device configuration:

             "args":"/qn /passive /L*V installer_log.log",





    The HTTPS location the OTG agent accesses to grab the setup.msi install file. This is the location you save the install file to in Step 2.


    The OTG 2 for Windows version number that you are upgrading to. To determine this, right mouse click on the setup.msi install file downloaded in Step 1 and go to Properties > Details > Comments.


  4. Once you have saved the above device configuration in WebTitan Cloud, the upgrade will be retrieved by your device the next time it connects with WebTitan Cloud. The OTG 2 agent syncs with WebTitan Cloud every hour, but will also retrieve the latest configuration following a network change, or following a machine power event.