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AD Sync Configuration

If you're not configured to use SSO, you will need to synchronize your active directory users with your SafeTitan portal.

Go to Settings > AD Sync Configurations to access the configuration details for:

  • Azure Sync

  • Okta Sync

  • OneLogin Sync

  • People HR Sync

  • On Premise AD Sync

See Active Directory to help you set up the configuration.


When you access AD Sync Configuration, your current configuration is shown at the top of the page.

The General Settings are:

  • Permanently delete users: Indicates whether users are deactivated or permanently deleted. When checkbox is selected, users are permanently deleted (default: disabled).

  • Allow User Locale Override: Indicates if user locales can be overwritten (default: disabled).

  • Use Strict Departments: Indicates if user is a member of one or several department. When checkbox is selected, user is a member of only one department (default: disabled).