Downloading and Installing Dynamic IP Agent

Click on the following link to download the Dynamic IP Agent install file. The agent must be installed on a server or PC on your network, however, it should not be installed on the same machine as the WebTitan OTG agent.

  • Windows version

Follow the steps below to install the Windows Dynamic IP Agent:

  1. Double click on the install file to launch the installer. The WebTitan Cloud Locator Setup Wizard window displays - click Next.

  2. The Configuration window displays:


    Location Key: If you have not already done so, follow these steps to generate a Location Key in WebTitan Cloud: 

    • Log into WebTitan Cloud and go to Settings > Locations > Dynamic IP. Click Add... and the following window displays:

    • In the IP: field, enter your current IP address.

    • In the Location Name: field, assign a name for this location, e.g. Main Office.

    • Click Save.

    • A location key is generated and displayed in the Location Key column. Copy and paste this key into the Configuration window above:


    WebTitan Cloud FQDN / IP: enter either the FQDN or the IP of your WebTitan Cloud, e.g. wtc1.webtitancloud.com or

  3. Click Next and the WTC Network Checks window displays. It is recommended to leave these checks enabled as shown, as they catch any issues with communications with WebTitan Cloud and the local network:

  4. Click Next and the Select Installation Folder window displays. To install in the default folder click Next or to install in a different folder click Browse. Click Next to continue.

  5. The Confirm Installation window displays. Click Next to start the installation:

  6. Once complete, the Installation Complete window displays. Click Close to exit the installation wizard.

  7. Follow the steps in Testing Dynamic IP Agent.