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Schedule Campaign

The next step in creating a phishing campaign is to schedule the campaign.

  1. Select the Publish Start field to enter the date and time you want the phishing campaign to start.

  2. The Publish End Date field is only applicable if you chose Multi-Lures when selecting your templates. You need to enter a Publish End Date to indicate the date on which you want the campaign to stop sending emails. The campaign, however, will continue to ingest results up to the Completion date, as described next.

  3. In the Completion date field, select the date and time you want the phishing campaign to end. It must be a minimum of two weeks after your Publish end date. Note that no data is collected after the completion date.


    If you have set up Reactive Training for your phishing campaign, then be aware that a recipient has two weeks to complete the training following the campaign end date. The two-week completion date for reactive training is automatically set up when you create the campaign.

  4. When you have entered the details required, select Next Section.