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About WebTitan Active Directory Agent (WADA)

Web Titan Active Directory Agent (WADA) is responsible for discovering who is logged into what machines on your active directory network using Kerberos authentication events.

WADA must be installed on the Domain Controller or on a machine from which it can communicate with:

  • Windows Active Directory

  • DNS Proxy

How WADA Works

  • Information is gathered from three different sources available on Windows network - LDAP, Event Logger and Network Sessions.

  • WADA contacts the specified Domain Controller and retrieves a list of Active Directory users and computers from LDAP.

  • WMI contacts all computers listed in LDAP and checks for active logon sessions.


    Only computers with lastLogon field within the range defined in the configuration (1 year by default) are checked.

  • Windows Security Events are monitored for user logon or logoffs.

  • Windows network sessions are monitored to detect computers logged onto the network that have not been switched off for long periods of time and which might not be picked up by the other discovery methods.