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Supported Macros for Notification Templates

The table below describes the macros that can be used in SpamTitan Gateway email notification templates. See Notification Templates for more information modifying email templates.




Original SMTP session client IP address.

[%A| ]

A list of SpamAssassin report lines.


The timestamp of message reception. RFC 2822 local date-time format.


A list of banned file names.


Original SMTP session client DNS name.


The hostname of this host.

[%H| ]

A list of all header lines (field may be wrapped over more than one line). This does not include the Return-Path: or Delivered-To: headers, which are added (or will be added later) by the local delivery agent if mail is delivered to a mailbox.


SpamTitan unique ID, for example rR9Sc0H5+cnu.


Subject header field body.


Message-ID header field body.


A list of original envelope recipients.


Original envelope sender. RFC 2821 quoted and enclosed in angle brackets.


The first entry in the 'Received' trace of the mail header.


The output of the (last) virus-checking program.


A list of virus names found. It contains at least one (possibly empty) entry if a virus was found, otherwise a null list.


A list of AV scanner names detecting a virus.


Original mail size (in bytes).