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Link the Service Account to your Workspace

You now have a Service Account – but it is not yet associated with your Workspace. It is SEPARATE to the OAuth configuration that you made earlier. So now we need to connect the Service Account to your Workspace. We do this in a very similar way to the method we did for OAuth.

Once you have a Service Account, you must associate it with your Workspace.

  • First, obtain the Client-ID value of your Service Account as follows:

    1. In the API Project area, where you created the Service Account, click on the Service Account Email to access the Configuration Panel of this account.

    2. Go to the Service Account Details panel, and copy the Unique ID, which you'll use as the ID in your Workspace.


You'll need to use this Unique ID when you add the Service Account as an OAuth App and when you add the Service Account as a Domain-Wide Delegate.