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Manage Communication Templates

  1. Go to Settings > Communication Templates to see a list of your current communication templates.

  2. Using features in the header, you can manage how the list is displayed:

    • Creator: From this dropdown menu, you can filter the list to show only templates generated by the System, a User, or both.

    • Search: If you want to find a template that includes a particular word or phrase, you can enter it in the Search field.

    • Refresh SFT-Settings-Refresh.jpg: Select the Refresh button to refresh the page.

    • Reset Filters SFT-Settings-Reset-Filters.jpg: If you have filtered the list, you can reset it by selecting the Reset Filters button.

    • Number of templates displayed SFT-Settings-Display-Choice.jpg: The default number of templates displayed on a page is ten. If you want to change this, you can select a preset number from the display options dropdown menu.

  3. Use the options in the Actions column to manage the content of your templates.

    • Preview: Select Preview to see your template.

    • Details: Select Details from the dropdown menu beside Preview to find information about the template, such as a description and the date and time it was created.

    • Edit: You can edit the template from the Details page or select Edit from the dropdown menu beside Preview to make updates to the template.