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Review Training Campaign

After you've created and published your first training campaign, follow these steps to ensure you received the training email and to view the campaign in the training campaign list.

  1. Check your emails to verify that you have received your first training email in your email inbox. If you did not receive it, or you found it in your Spam or Junk folder, refer to Add SafeTitan Mail Server to Allow List.

    To test your campaign:

    1. Open your email inbox.

    2. Open and read the training email.

    3. Open the embedded link.

    4. When prompted, log into your training portal.


      Because you're a SafeTitan administrator, you won't log into the same portal view as your enrolled users. Log in as usual to your administrative portal.

    5. To access your training for testing purposes, select your email address in the top right-hand side of your administrative dashboard and then My Training. This opens the training portal which is the same view as your enrolled users.

    6. Select the training course and continue to follow the step-by-step instructions until you have completed the training.

  2. To view your training results, return to your admin dashboard, and select Training Manager > Training Campaigns. In the Actions column, you can select the following:

    • Details: Select this option to see basic information about the campaign. If the campaign is still active, then there are options at the top of the page to resend assignments and send reminders.

    From the dropdown menu, the following options exist:

    • Results: See the current results showing training activity carried out on the campaign.

    • Archive: Selecting this option means that this training will no longer be available to users.

    • Reminders: View or delete existing reminders and add new reminders.

    • Complete: Selecting this option marks the training complete, making it no longer available to users.

    • Delete: Deletes a campaign and all its results from your portal.