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Prerequisites for using WebTitan Azure AD Enterprise App

Please read the following prerequisites before using WebTitan Azure AD Enterprise App.

  • Set up VNet and Resource Groups in advance.

  • Ensure that the WebTitan Azure AD Enterprise App has access to the Azure AD reporting APIs in order to provide user sign-in information.

  • As WebTitan Azure AD Enterprise App uses OAuth to authorize access to the Microsoft Azure APIs, verify that this permission has been set up.


    Be aware that you only have to set up permission once in OAuth. If permission already exists, you will not be prompted to enter your credentials when you click the OAuth link.

  • With regard to license requirements, ensure that your subscription has an associated Azure AD Premium license so that sign-in reports can be accessed for a tenant. An Azure AD Premium P1 (or above) license is required to access sign-in reports for any Azure AD tenant.


    If the directory type is Azure Active Directory, B2C sign-in reports are accessible through the API without any additional license requirement.