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Filtering Search Results

Once you have searched the archive (using the new UI) and found the emails you've been searching for, you can filter the results, which is useful if you have a large result that you want to reduce.

  1. Begin by selecting the Filter button in the sub-navigation window:

  2. Select the type of filtering you want to apply from the dropdown menu:

Filtering can be performed based on the following:

  • Recipient Count: When you select Recipient Count, recipients are grouped in brackets, with each dropdown menu unique to the search query results.

  • Attachment Count: Select this option to filter results based on emails with attachments. You can select to display emails with or without attachments.

  • Email Size: Filtering emails based on their size means gives you the option to select categories of emails organized according to their KB size.

  • Attachment Size: If you are looking for an email with a large attachment, filtering on Attachment Size is useful. As explained earlier, the categories are bespoke to your search query results.

  • Attachment Type: If you know the type of attachment you are looking for, such as a JPEG or PNG file, then you can make this selection by choosing to filter on Attachment Type.