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Modifying WebTitan Cloud Interface Settings

Go to Settings > Interface Settings > Interface Settings to modify your WebTitan Cloud user interface, which is fully customizable.

Using the table below as a reference, adjust your interface settings to determine how your WebTitan UI appears.






The logo that is displayed at the top left of the WebTitan Cloud screen.

Upload New Logo:

To upload a new logo:

  • Click Choose File.

  • Select the image you want to use and click Open.

  • Click Save to display the new logo in the user interface.

To revert to the default logo, click Reset opposite Reset to UI Defaults:.

Set Page Title:

The title displayed in the browser tab for WebTitan Cloud. Edit the title and click Save.


The contents of the Set Page Title: field is also used in PDF report headers.

Choose a colour scheme:

To change the UI color scheme:

  • Click Choose. The Select your colour scheme window displays:

  • Click each color to change the color value for that UI component. A preview display shows your new selections.

  • Click Undo to revert to default values.

  • Click Save to save changes or Cancel to discard changes.

To revert to default colors, click Reset opposite Reset to UI Defaults:.

UI Timeout Period (minutes):

Period of inactive time after which the user is logged out of WebTitan Cloud (default: 30 minutes).

Reset to UI Defaults:

Click Reset to reset all interface settings to default WebTitan Cloud settings.