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Add a Geoblocking Rule for a Country

Go to Filter Rules > Geoblocking and follow the steps below to add a geoblocking rule for a country.

  1. Click Enable to turn Policy Based Geoblocking: ON (default: disabled).

  2. Click Add... and the Add Geoblocking Rule window displays.

    • Country: Select a country to allow or block. This field auto-populates as you type.

    • Status: Select Allow or Block to allow/block the country you selected.


      This option is not visible at the admin level, as all countries are allowed by default.

    • Comment: Enter an optional description of this geoblocking rule.

  3. Click Save to save this geoblocking rule, or Cancel to discard.

Once a geoblocking rule has been added, it can be edited or deleted. Click the edit ST-701-edit-button.jpg icon to edit a rule, or click the ST-701-delete-button.jpg delete icon to delete a rule.