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View Existing Companies

As an MSP Admin, you can get an overview of existing companies and details associated with them.

  1. Go to the Company page. If you want to search for a specific company, you can search by Company Name or Tag:

  2. You can view the following information:

    • Company Name: The full name of the company.

    • Users Connected: When you select Fetch, the number of users currently logged in to the customer is displayed.

    • Active Users: Select Fetch to see the number of active users. This is the actual number of licenses that the customer has used and is dynamically created at the end of each month.

    • Licensed Users: This is the number that was entered in the Licensed users limit field when the company was added. It is the number of licenses bought by the company.

    • Company Tag: A short identifier for the company within the ArcTitan environment.

    • Email Out: This is set at a company-wide level by default and indicates how the email is to be routed out of the system.

    • Email In: This indicates how the email is routed into the system, such as through SMTP Servers or IMAP/POP3.

    • Other Configuration: By selecting Test Admin, you can view the customer account, without having log in separately to that account.