OTG 2 Installation Parameters

When creating your command line script for OTG 2 installation, as well as the two required parameters there are also several optional parameters that you can use.

Required Parameter




The URL and (optional) port number of your WebTitan Cloud instance. You can get the FQDN by opening a command prompt in windows and typing nslookup followed by the IP of your WebTitan Cloud. For example, nslookup

The RPC port is always port 7771 and is automatically added if not included in the RPC_URL parameter. The examples show the accepted formats.







This is the OTG install key used to register an OTG 2 device on WebTitan Cloud. You can get this in your WebTitan Cloud from Settings > Account and noting the OTG Install Key.


Optional Parameter




This is an optional prefix that can be used to help with device identification in WebTitan Cloud. For example, if DEVICE_NAME_PREFIX is specified as 'sales' for a group installation, all devices are given the prefix 'sales', e.g. sales-example1.comp, sales-example2.comp.



If a DEVICE_NAME is not provided, the installer uses the machine name, e.g. example_laptop.comp.

If a DEVICE_NAME is provided, this is the name used when registering a device on WebTitan Cloud during installation, e.g. training_laptop.

If a device name is specified, but already in use in WebTitan Cloud, a randomized number is appended to make the device name unique, e.g. example.comp#12345123451234.



If PREFER_MASTER_CONFIG is specified, the installer looks for an existing config file and uses those parameters for install.

This is particularly useful if you are reinstalling or upgrading users and want to use their existing virtual locations and devices rather than creating duplicates in WebTitan Cloud.

The value can be True or False. Specifying False has the same outcome as not specifying the parameter.



When OTG 2 is installed, a virtual location is automatically created for a device on WebTitan Cloud and given a default name. However, you can specify a location name to use with the LOCATION_NAME parameter on install.

A virtual location can either be created on WebTitan Cloud before installation and then the name can be used in this parameter, or, if not already created, the virtual location is created and assigned the name given in this parameter on install.



To locate an individual device key WebTitan Cloud, go to Settings > Devices and click the edit ST-701-edit-button.jpg icon for a device. The device key is listed on the Status tab.

The DEVICE_KEY is used to identify a single device and is typically used during re-installation. It can be added manually, or from the RPC call with the INSTALL_KEY parameter.

DEVICE_KEY is not used in multiple-user rollouts.

DEVICE_KEY and INSTALL_KEY are mutually exclusive, so can not be used together.