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What Information is shared with Cloud Protection enabled?

When Cloud Protection is enabled, Bitdefender sends a subset of files anonymously to Bitdefender's servers to check against an online database. No personally identifiable information is transmitted as part of this process.

The information shared mainly includes details about the detection itself, for example:

  • Information about the engine that detected the malware, e.g. engine version, signature version, name of the malware detected, the exact engine routine or signature that triggered the detection, if it was a 'true' or 'suspicious' detection, etc.

  • Generated anonymous identifier of the device/computer. This is mainly used to identify situations where users run test-like scans on large malware collections. It helps avoid false reporting of old malware, which is typically present in those collections.

  • Information about the file detected, e.g file attributes such as file size, path or last access time and one or more hashes identifying the file content. The hashes themselves are irreversible and cannot be used to recreate a file from them.