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Configure SafeTitan Portal

After you've configured permissions for Microsoft Graph on your app, you can update your Orchestrator configuration in the SafeTitan portal.DELETE_Configure Permissions for Microsoft Graph

  1. Go to your SafeTitan portal, and select Real-Time Integrations > Orchestrator Settings.

  2. Select Generate Orchestration Package, which will add a new Orchestrator configuration to the list.

  3. Select the Edit SFT-Edit-Icon.jpgbutton next to the Orchestrator package that was generated.

  4. In the window that opens, complete the following fields:

    • Name: Enter a label for the Orchestrator. This can be a useful identifier in a multi-orchestrator setup.

    • Tenant ID: Enter the name or ID of your Azure Tenant.

    • Application ID: Enter the value that was provided for your Application ID when you created your application registration in Azure, step 5.DELETE_Create Application Registration in Azure AD

    • Application Secret: Enter the value that was provided during the generation of your Application Secret, step 3.DELETE_Generate an Application Secret

    • Event Grid Endpoint: This is a pre-populated field containing the endpoint used by the Orchestrator to forward events to SafeTitan cloud platform.

    • Event Grid Shared Access Signature: This is a pre-populated field that is used to authenticate connections to the Event Grid endpoint.

    • AD Identifier: The default value here is mail. Instead, enter the Azure AD attribute that houses the user's SafeTitan username.

  5. Select Save.

Next, you need to integrate your chosen SIEM / Network monitoring application.