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Create Training Campaign

Providing a training campaign to your customers is an effective education strategy, enabling them to become more aware of cyber security. To create a simple training course, follow the steps below:

  1. Go to Training Campaigns > Create New Training Campaign.

  2. In the window that opens, select the training topic for your campaign by clicking in the Select a Topic field. The default is Email Security, but you can scroll through the list to find other topics, such as Mobile Device Security, Authentication and so on.

  3. Next, choose a course related to your topic from the Select a Course section, which automatically populates based on the topic you've chosen.


    There are two types of training courses available, and these are indicated by the following icons:

    • The Video Training SFT-Video-Icon.jpg icon indicates that the training course is provided through video. If you select this, a Preview Video option appears so that you can view the video before selecting it.

    • The Interactive Training SFT-Interactive-Training-Icon.jpg icon means that interaction from the user is required, such as answering questions, navigating pages, and so on.

  4. Select Continue.

  5. On the next page, in the Details section, you can enter information about your campaign:

    1. The Campaign Name field is pre-populated with the name of the Training course, which you can change. The name that you give here is the name that identifies the campaign after publication.

    2. From the dropdown menu, select the Pre Training Message you want recipients to receive in advance of their training. You can select Preview to see the content of the email.

    3. You can also select the email message that recipients receive when they have completed their training from the Post Training dropdown menu. Select Preview to view the content of the email.

    4. Enter the date and time that you want the training campaign to begin in the Publish start field.

    5. Under Completion date, enter the date and time that you want the campaign to finish.

    6. From the dropdown menu under Assignment template, select the email template you want to use to notify your customer of the assignment.

    7. If you want to send an assignment email to the training recipient, you can set the toggle to On. If you are assigning multiple training campaigns, you may only want your customers to get one email, such as the first or last email. The other emails can remain switched Off.

    8. From the dropdown menu in the Completion field, select the email template you want to send your customer when the training is completed.

    9. Click Select to open a window where you can choose the recipients of the training campaign.

  6. Select Options at the top of the page to add more information to your campaign.


    This section provides a series of options that you can toggle Yes or No, as follows:

    1. Is Test Campaign: If you select Yes, then campaign is run as a test and does not affect customer statistics.

    2. Is Mandatory: Select Yes if you require users to complete the training; otherwise it remains optional.

    3. Automatic Enrolment: Select Yes to automatically enroll customers who are added to Customer Groups in the future.

    4. Enrolment Type: If you select Yes, then only new customers are enrolled.

    5. Require Acknowledgement: Select Yes to require users to acknowledge that they have completed the training.

    6. Generate Certificate: If you select Yes, then users receive a certificate after training is completed.

    7. Issue email on course completion: Select Yes to send an email notifying users that they have completed the training.

    8. Language: From the dropdown menu, select the language that is to be used in the training campaign.

    9. Allow Feedback: If you select Yes, then users will be given an option to provide feedback.

  7. When you are finished, select Create Training. Your new training campaign will be listed on the Training Campaigns page, which you can access from Dashboard > Training Campaigns.