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Modifying Login Page Settings

Go to Settings > Interface Settings > Login Page Settings to modify your SpamTitan Gateway login page settings. Using the table below as a reference, adjust the settings to determine how your SpamTitan Gateway login page appears.




Show Forgot Password link on login screen:

If enabled, the login screen contains a link to a forgot password form. Leave disabled if the Interface Authentication method is not the default (Internal).

Edit Forgot Password email template:

Click Edit to edit the email that is sent if a user clicks the Forgot Password link.

  • The email subject, from address and message body can be edited.

  • The message body must contain the placeholder word %%PASSWORD%%. This is replaced with the users password.

  • Use %%EMAIL%% for the users email address.

  • The body of the messages can contain HTML formated input.

Show Custom Help link:

Enable for the login screen to show a Login Help link that you can use to redirect users to your own help pages.