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SafeTitan Customer Admin Dashboard

In this quick setup guide, you'll find information for adding users as well as for creating and reviewing your first campaigns. These tasks only focus on a few sections of your admin dashboard. Below you'll find a broad overview of all the tasks you can perform when you access your admin dashboard, using the menus on the left of the screen, which are described below.

The dashboard gives you an immediate view of your phishing, training and quiz campaigns, summarizing those that are scheduled, active and completed.


You can also display phishing campaign statistics based on the last 7 or 30 days:


The menu on the left displays a list of categories, within which you can perform the following tasks:

  • Content Preview

    In this section you can preview the templates, forms, training videos and interactive courses available from SafeTitan.

  • Partner Management

    From the Partner Management section, you can search for and create partner keys, sign up partners and view existing managed organizations.

  • Organization Manager

    You can manage your organization profiles in this section, see timelines of their campaigns, view their organization charts, and see their audit records.

  • User Manager

    In this section, you can manage all your users and groups, including add users to the portal. You can also synchronize directories, see the synchronization history of users, and view group reports.

  • Phishing Manager

    From here, you can manage your phishing campaigns, create C-Suite settings, and manage phishing templates and feedback messages,

  • Quiz Manager

    You can manage your quiz campaigns in this section and also define the questions for quizzes.

  • Training Manager

    in this section, you can manage your training campaigns and categories and create training email templates and user messages.

  • Reports and Stats

    You can view reports and statistics here, edit report settings, and export phishing and training data.

  • PhishHuk

    In this section, you can see a list of emails reported by users in the last 30 days, configuration settings and email template options, and installation support for installing Outlook Addins.

  • Configuration

    You can view and edit all your communication templates and tokens in this section, as well as manage your organization and campaign settings.

  • Support Request

    From here you can access the SafeTitan Help Center and submit a ticket for support.