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Quarantine Reports

A quarantine report contains a list of emails that have been caught and quarantined. Users can directly manage their quarantined mail through these reports, which are emailed to them on a periodic basis.

A quarantine report provides links for a user to manage their quarantined emails directly from the report. See a sample quarantine report below.


Quarantine report links are tokenized, meaning that they expire. By default, quarantine report links expire after 7 days.

SpamTitan Cloud will generate reports each night. For each user, a report will be generated if certain conditions are met:

  • Quarantine reports are enabled by the Domain Group Administrator for the user's domain.

  • The user has email in quarantine.

  • Today is a day for which the user or their Admin requested a quarantine report, e.g. if a user or their Admin specifies that quarantine reports be sent weekly, the report will only be sent on a Friday.