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Language Options

Go to Anti-Spam Engine > Settings > Language Options to set language testing options. The language and locale settings allow you to specify individual languages and locales (country codes) you expect to receive incoming mail from. If you receive lots of spam in foreign languages and never get any non-spam in these languages, this is useful.


It is important to note that:

  • An email's language can not always be recognized with sufficient confidence. In this is the case, no score will be assigned for that message.

  • By default, all ISO-8859-* character sets and Windows code page character sets are always permitted.

By default, both the Languages and Locales settings are enabled, meaning that ALL languages and locales are allowed.

Click Disable to individually specify the languages or locales you expect to receive e-mail in. Use the CTRL key to select multiple languages or locales from the Allow lists.


Any messages received that are written in a language or uses a character set that is not selected will be considered possible spam in a foreign language.

Click Save to save your language testing settings.