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WebTitan OTG 2 for Windows Release Notes

The introduction of the OTG 2 family of agents saw our WebTitan OTG 1 agent being re-architected as a single-threaded application, meaning that the WebTitan OTG 2 agents are more stable and secure and require less CPU overhead from the user machine. The WebTitan OTG 2 agent family offers several other improvements:

  • You can remotely manage and configure OTG 2 devices after installation from WebTitan, using the new device management UI.

  • You can view detailed device information on all your devices in WebTitan and apply global or individual configuration changes.

  • Reliance on a user's IP address has been removed, with OTG 2 now using an EDNS tag to identify a user and their device.

  • You can now automatically assign a specific policy to new devices during installation.

  • OTG 2 uses a customer-specific install key that improves security during installation. The install key can also be regenerated in the WebTitan UI if necessary.


WebTitan OTG 2 for Windows 2.1

Released: November 2021

WebTitan OTG 2 for Windows 2.1 includes some improvements, but it is primarily a bug fix release to strengthen and enhance the product.

What has been improved?

  • Improvements have been made on the client side to limit instances of a "blocked" status intermittently occurring. Further improvements are planned in later releases.

  • Additional querying of local DHCP settings has been added for use when detaching from the network interface. This improvement fixed an issue affecting some VPNs, where VPN settings would be kept.

What has been fixed?

  • Issues causing an OTG 2 device to continuously request reconfiguration have been addressed. This release limits the frequency of such requests.

  • Resolved an issue causing IPv6 addresses to be stored incorrectly instead of reverting to the correct value.

  • An issue causing nslookup to not work due to an incorrect IPv6 address has been resolved.

  • An issue where a user was not being created on WebTitan following OTG 2 install has been resolved.