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Required Basic Configuration

Follow these steps to complete the necessary basic setup to get email flowing through your SpamTitan Gateway.

  1. Network:

    • Configure the IP address and default route to be assigned to the SpamTitan server. See IP Configuration.

    • Configure the DNS settings for your network. See DNS Settings.

  2. Mail relay:

    • Go to System Setup > Mail Relay > General Settings and enter your SpamTitan Gateway hostname. See General Settings.

    • Go to System Setup > Mail Relay > Domains and enter details for each domain you manage. See Managing Domains.

  3. If your mail server supports recipient verification, ensure your domain settings set recipient verification to Dynamic Recipient Verification. See More About Recipient Verification.

These steps complete the basic setup required to receive email through SpamTitan Gateway.

It is recommended you read Recommended Additional Configuration and Recommended Front Line Tests.

There may also be additional settings you want to adjust. Review the menu sections in the menu bar for more information on each section in SpamTitan Gateway.