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Managing Customer's Locations

Locations are used to identify all your customer's network locations to WebTitan Cloud. A location is simply an IP address from which WebTitan Cloud will accept and process DNS requests. Once specified, WebTitan Cloud will only accept and process DNS requests that originate from the IP address(es) that have been associated with a particular location(s).

There are a number of options for adding your customer's locations:

  1. Directly: Go to Customer Settings > Locations to add customer's locations one at a time from your WebTitan Cloud UI. See Customer Locations & IP Addresses.

  2. Impersonating a customer: If adding several locations for a customer, you can impersonate that customer and add their locations using the same UI the customer sees. This is helpful as you do not need to re-enter the customer name for each new location.

    Impersonating can also help avoid data-entry errors if you are adding multiple locations for multiple customers. See Impersonating a Customer.

  3. APIs: Use our APIs to easily and quickly add locations. See WebTitan Cloud API Access.

  4. Customer-managed: Allow customers to add their own locations. Customers can refer to the WebTitan Cloud Customer Admin Guide for more information.