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Create Simple Quiz Campaign

A simple quiz campaign can be created as follows:

  1. From your admin dashboard, go to Quiz Manager > Quiz Campaigns, where you can see a list of current quiz campaigns. Note that on a new portal, the list is empty.

  2. Select Create Quiz Campaign to open the Quiz Campaign Wizard. After reading information about the wizard, click Next to continue, or Cancel to exit.

  3. In Definition Selection, you can choose both the training and course topic you want the quiz to cover.

    1. Select a training topic from the dropdown menu. The default is Email Security with other options such as Social Engineering, Mobile Device Security, Web Security, Data Protection and so on.

    2. After you select a training topic, the courses associated with it appear in the Select course dropdown menu. There are two types of quiz courses:

      • Evaluation Quiz: These quizzes include 10 to 20 topic-related questions that allow a company to evaluate the user's knowledge of a specific security topic.

      • Video Quiz: These quizzes have 3 to 5 questions that follow a video topic and are created to enhance the knowledge gained during the training video.

    3. Select Next to continue, or Cancel to exit.

  4. In Quiz Details, you can enter the following information:

    • Campaign Name: The Campaign Name field is pre-populated with the name of the campaign, which you can change. The name that you give here is the name that identifies the campaign after publication.

    • Publish start: Select a date and time that you want the campaign to begin.

    • Completion date: Select a date and time that you want the campaign to end.

    • Send Assignment Email: (Default = Yes) If you do not want to send an assignment email to the quiz recipient, you can set the toggle to No.

    • Assignment Template: From the dropdown menu under Assignment template, select the email template you want to use to notify your quiz recipient of the assignment.

    • Send Completion Email: (Default = Yes) If you do not want to send a completion email to the quiz recipient, you can set the toggle to No.

    • Completion Template: From the dropdown menu under Completion template, select the email template you want to use to notify your quiz recipient that the assignment has been completed.

    • Pre Training Message: From the dropdown menu, select the pre training message you want recipients to receive in advance of the quiz. You can select Preview to see the content of the email.

    • Post Training Message: You can also select the email message that recipients receive when they have completed the quiz from the Post Training dropdown menu. Select Preview to view the content of the email.

    • Target Groups: Select Plus SFT-Plus-Icon.jpg to open a window where you can choose the recipients of the quiz campaign. It is recommended that you first send it to yourself or a few colleagues.

  5. Select Next to continue, or Cancel to exit.

  6. In Quiz Options, the following fields can be modified:

    • Locale: (Default = English US) From the dropdown menu, select the language that is to be used in the training campaign.

    • Override User's Default Locale: (Default = No) A default language is given to a new user when they are created. You can override this by selecting this checkbox. When you do this, the email and training will contain the language you selected in the Locale field (above).

    • Require Acknowledgement: (Default = No) Select Yes to require users to acknowledge that they have completed the quiz.

    • Generate Certificate: (Default = No) If you select Yes, then users receive a certificate after completing the quiz.

    • Automatic Enrolment: (Default = No) Select Yes to automatically enroll users who are added to selected groups in the future.

    • Enrolment Type: (Default = No) Select Yes to enroll new users only.

    • Allow Retries: (Default = No) Select Yes if you want the user to be able to retry multiple times.

    • Is Mandatory: (Default = Yes) If you do not want users to be required to complete the quiz, you can select No, and it will remain optional.

    • Is Test Campaign: (Default = No) If you select Yes, then the campaign is run as a test and does not affect statistics.

  7. Select Next to continue, or Cancel to exit.

  8. From the dropdown menu in Quiz Reminders, select a template to use for an email reminder. You can select the default one or one that you have uploaded. See Uploading Content to your SafeTitan Portal for help with this.

  9. Select Configure Reminders to select the reminder type. The default is None which means that the quiz recipients won't receive any reminder to complete the quiz. If you want to change this, then select either:

    • Send x days before training end: In the Days before end of campaign dropdown menu, you can select from 1 to 34 days. So, for example, if you select 10 days, then an email is sent to the quiz recipients 10 days prior to the end of the Quiz Campaign to remind them to complete it. You can also select the Hour of day that you want them to receive the email from the dropdown menu.

    • Specific Date: If you select this option, you can set a specific date and time to send the reminder from the Date to Send dropdown menu.

  10. Click Add Reminder and then OK. To move to the final step, select Next, or Cancel to exit.

  11. In Summary, you can review the details of your quiz campaign. Once you are satisfied, select Submit. Your unpublished quiz campaign then appears in the quiz campaigns list.


    If you see something you want to change, you can still select Submit, and then edit the quiz later by going to your Quiz Campaigns list. Select Details, and in the window that opens, select Change beside the item you want to modify.

  12. You can see your unpublished campaign in the quiz campaign list in Quiz Manager > Quiz Campaigns, which you automatically return to after saving the campaign. Beside the Unpublished status in the Actions column, you can select Details to see basic information about the campaign. Selecting the dropdown arrow beside it gives you additional information:

    • Publish: Even though you have selected a scheduled time to publish the campaign, you may decide to publish it immediately. This is useful when running your first test campaigns.

    • Reminders: You can edit reminders set up during the campaign creation.

    • Delete: You can delete the campaign and any associated results.

Following the creation of your first quiz campaign, learn how to review the quiz campaign results.