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Configuring Windows Server DNS

If you are using Windows Server DNS, follow the steps below to add you WebTitan IP(s).


The instructions below include information about tools that are not owned or managed by TitanHQ and are only intended as a guideline to help you. As such, the information may be subject to change without us knowing.

If you notice anything incorrect, please email and let us know.

  1. Open the DNS Manager on the primary DNS server. This is usually found under Start > Administrative Tools > DNS or from the Windows Start menu, type DNS and select DNS from the search results.

  2. Select properties of the DNS server by clicking the server name, then right-click and choose Properties.

  3. In the Properties window click the Forwarders tab and click Edit.

  4. Enter your WebTitan IP address in the IP address list. Make sure WebTitan is the only DNS IP in place for forwarding.

  5. Click OK.

  6. Click OK again.