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Alias IP Addresses

Establishing additional IP addresses for a network interface can be useful when changing network numbers and you want to accept packets addressed to the old interface.

If the address is on the same subnet as the first network address for this interface, a non-conflicting netmask must be given - usually, /32 ( is most appropriate. All configured additional IP addresses will respond on the configured SMTP port as well as the configure UI port.


Go to System Setup > Network > Alias IP Addresses to add details of IP aliases.

  • To add a new IP alias, click Add... and the Add IP Alias dialog displays. Using the table below as a reference, complete the fields. Click Save to save this entry.

  • To edit an existing IP alias, click the edit ST-701-edit-button.jpg icon in the Options column and the Edit IP Alias dialog box displays. Using the table below as a reference, edit the fields. Click Save to save changes.

  • To delete an IP alias, click the delete ST-701-delete-button.jpg icon in the Options column.




The IP address you want to add

Address Type:

Specify if this is an IPv4 or IPv6 address

Physical Interface:

The network interface card (NIC) that this address is being added to.

Delivery Pool:

Select which IP delivery pool (if any) that this alias will deliver email from.

Go to System Setup > Network > IP Delivery Pools to configure your delivery pools.


This field displays when an IP delivery pool is assigned. You can set a custom HELO for the IP address in the HELO/EHLO field which defaults to the hostname of the appliance. This will work as long as the PTR record for the IP matches.


Optional comment field.