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System Shutdown and Restart

Go to System Setup > Shutdown/Restart to correctly shut down or restart SpamTitan Gateway.





The number of days and minutes the system has been running. The counter is reset to zero after 497 days.

Load Averages:

Displays the load averages over 1 minute, 5 minutes and 15 minutes respectively. If the load average is greater than 5, the system is overloaded.

Select Action:

Select Logout, Shutdown or Restart:

  • Logout: Log out of the interface.

  • Shutdown: Shutdown and power off the appliance. This process takes approximately two minutes. After the complete shutdown, you can safely switch off the appliance. All settings and configuration are saved on shutdown and restart.

  • Restart: Reboot the appliance.

Access to the user interface is terminated after Shutdown and during Restart.


Contact Support if you are unsure that shutting down or restarting SpamTitan Gateway is the correct course of action.