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View Existing Accounts

In addition to being able to create a new account from the Accounts page, you can view existing accounts and their details.

  • Username: The unique user name for the account.

  • First Name: First name of the user.

  • Last Name: Surname of the user.

  • Admin Level: Type of user.

  • Account Status: Specifies whether the account is active or not.

  • Last log-in date: Refers to the date on which the user last logged into the account.

  • Account Creation date: Refers to the date on which the account was created.

  • Primary Email Address: Refers to the email address to which all emails to the user are sent. This includes reset Password and Forward-to-inbox emails. Once a new account is saved, a random password is assigned and emailed to the new user’s primary email address.

  • Searchable Companies: The company to which the account is connected.

  • Searchable Domains: The domains that the user is to be restricted from accessing and searching.