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WebTitan Cloud Locations & IP Addresses

Locations are used to identify all your organization's network locations to WebTitan Cloud. A location is simply an IP address from which WebTitan Cloud will accept and process DNS requests. Once specified, WebTitan Cloud will only accept and process DNS requests that originate from the IP address(es) that have been associated with your particular location(s).

WebTitan Cloud supports several types of location and you can define multiple locations for each type:

  • Static IP location: This is the most common location type, where the location has a static (fixed) public/external IP address. The IP address is simply added as a location and this configures WebTitan Cloud to accept DNS requests only from that IP address.

  • Dynamic IP location: If your location has a dynamic IP address, there are two options available:

    • Dynamic IP: Dynamic IP uses the Dynamic IP Agent to keep WebTitan Cloud updated with your current IP address as it changes. This agent must be downloaded and installed inside your network.

    • Dynamic DNS: this location type is an alternative to Dynamic IP and uses a Dynamic DNS service that provides an FQDN which resolves to your current IP address.

  • Roaming location: use this location type when a location will vary, e.g. an employee who travels frequently and uses their laptop offsite.

    A roaming location requires WebTitan OTG to be installed on the user's machine which will then automatically update WebTitan Cloud as the IP address changes.

  • Virtual location: Virtual locations use a tag to identify a location rather than an IP address.