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The Categories tab lists all categories of website that are currently defined in the central web categories database. For a description of each category, take a look at Category Descriptions

Use the Categories tab to specify what categories you want to allow or block access to for a particular policy. By default, all categories are allowed. To edit Categories:

  1. Click Policies > Customer Policies.

  2. Click the edit ST-701-edit-button.jpg icon in the Options column for the policy you want to edit.

  3. Click the Categories tab.

  4. Allow or block categories for the policy you are currently editing by clicking on the radio buttons. Toggle between green WTC-allow-category.jpg to allow access to that category or red WTC-block-category.jpg to block access. 

    Allow all categories, block all categories or toggle (invert) the current selection using the links on the right of the screen:


    Common categories to block include:

    • Anonymizer

    • Compromised

    • Criminal skills/Hacking

    • Gambling

    • Hate Speech

    • Illegal Drugs

    • Nudity

    • Phishing/Fraud

    • Pornography/Sex

    • Spam

    • Spyware and Malicious Sites

    • Violence

    • Weapons


    A URL may belong to more than one category, in which case, if any category is blocked then the request will be blocked.

  5. Click Save below the list of categories to save changes to your policy.