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Getting Started with WebTitan Cloud for Service Providers

When your WebTitan Cloud is deployed, you will receive an email with the following information from your account manager:

  • Full FQDN to access your WebTitan Cloud, e.g.

  • Two IP addresses, allowing for DNS forwarding.

  • Sign in username and password.

Once logged in, a Service Provider Account Admin can follow these steps to complete their WebTitan Cloud setup and configuration:

  1. Complete your system setup: In most cases, your system setup has already been completed by TitanHQ as part of your system build. System setup includes:

    • Installing your license (this is usually done for you).

    • Configuring WebTitan Cloud on your network.

    • Setting system date and time.

    If your configuration requires you to complete any of these tasks manually, see WebTitan Cloud System Setup.


    Depending on the size of your deployment, there may be various clustering configuration options that we can help with. Speak with your account manager or open a help ticket for further assistance.

  2. Adjust your system settings: Consider adjusting the following settings:

  3. Edit your default policy: Policies determine what categories of website your customers have access to.

    Your default policy is automatically assigned to customers once they are added to WebTitan Cloud. Therefore, it is good practice to adjust your default policy to suit your needs before adding your customers. See Editing your Customer's Default Policy.

  4. Add your customer accounts: Before adding customer accounts, consider how they will be on-boarded and how you plan to manage customers ongoing. See Managing Customer On-Boarding.

  5. Add customer locations: Locations are used to identify all your customer's network locations to WebTitan Cloud. See Managing Customer's Locations.