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Managing Customer Accounts

Go to Customer Settings > Accounts to view details of customers who are currently configured on your WebTitan Cloud. Here you can add, edit and delete customer accounts. See below for how to filter customer accounts or impersonate a customer account.


If you are just getting started with WebTitan Cloud for Service Providers, read Managing Customer On-Boarding before adding your customers.

See Adding a Customer Account.

See Editing a Customer Account.

See Deleting a Customer Account.

Filtering Customer Accounts

If you have a lengthy customer list, you can quickly filter through it using the top filter bar:

  1. Go to Customer Settings > Accounts.

  2. Enter a full or partial account name, email address, license number or description in the fields provided. A combination of fields can be entered at the same time, e.g. partial account name and email address.

  3. Press Enter on your keyboard to run the filter.

  4. To reset the list to view all Accounts, delete all entries from the filter fields and press Enter on your keyboard.

Impersonating a Customer

Impersonating a customer allows you to view the WebTitan Cloud interface with the same view and permissions as that customer. This is a useful tool for managing and testing customer accounts. To impersonate a customer:

  1. Go to Customer Settings > Accounts.

  2. Click the impersonate ST-701-impersonate-button.jpg icon in the Options column on the right of the customer you want to impersonate. Your view and permissions will change to those of the customer you are impersonating.

  3. To stop impersonating and return to your own WebTitan Cloud interface and permissions, click Stop Impersonating in the top right of the screen: